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Liberty works with corporate buyers, either in lieu or as an extension of, our client's in-house corporate development team in generating deal flow and completing acquisitions



Our targeted acquisition search projects include:


  • Understanding your corporate strategy and how an acquisition will enhance your business.
  • Determining the type of business you want to acquire, including financial, product, technical, geographic, personnel, customer, and other critical characteristics.
  • Identifying candidates that meet your strategic criteria.  We combine our research capabilities and industry knowledge with yours to determine specific target companies meeting your criteria.  We use published and electronic databases as well as our proprietary relationships and resources to develop this information.
  • Contacting acquisition candidates.  We contact acquisition candidates directly (generally at the CEO level), as well as through board members, professional advisors (e.g., lawyers, accountants) or other intermediaries, to determine their interest in a possible transaction.
  • Arranging appropriate confidentiality and non-disclosure protective agreements covering all parties.
  • Obtaining information on the candidate.  We assist you in reviewing financial, product, technical, business plan and forecast, personnel, and other information from candidates.
  • Arranging introductory meetings between the principals.
  • Assisting you in structuring an offer.  We will provide you with creative and practical advice with respect to valuation, deal terms, risk assessment, and tax and other issues.
  • Participating in negotiations.  We will work on your behalf to structure the best deal possible and will act as an intermediary to facilitate discussions and the flow of constructive ideas between the parties.
  • Supporting you in due diligence in conjunction with your management team, consultants, attorneys, and other professionals.
  • Assisting you in closing the transaction.  We will work with you, your attorneys, accountants, and other professionals to successfully complete the acquisition.


Other buyer services


In addition to these acquisition search projects, we will assist buyers who prefer not to engage in a retained search but who are interested in receiving information on prospective acquisition candidates.  After reviewing your acquisition criteria, we will begin by identifying potential candidates.  These candidates are often not actively seeking a buyer and so have not engaged an intermediary to assist them.  In these cases, we generally work as a buyer’s agent, receiving compensation for the introduction and for advice and assistance with valuation, deal terms, negotiations, and other matters as appropriate, contingent upon completion of a transaction.



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