Based in Saint Louis, Missouri, Liberty Transnational was founded by Chuck Payer in 1993 to provide a wide array of business consulting and strategic advisory services both domestically and internationally to businesses ranging from multi-billion dollar corporations to start-up companies.  Liberty's clients span the field of telecommunications, information services, media and related areas as well as applied technology businesses. 


Jeff Sanders joined Liberty in 2001, bringing important contacts and experience in the commercial banking, investment banking, and private equity communities.  Together, the senior consultants’ broad business experience, transaction knowledge, industry expertise, and network of colleagues, affiliations, and other relationships form the basis for Liberty's unique capabilities.

Our process begins by developing a thorough understanding of our clients’ strategy and objectives as well as the business environment in which you operate.  We pride ourselves on our honesty, creativity, straightforwardness, and hard work.  Although we have substantial investment banking and other transaction experience, we approach problems from the standpoint of business owners and executives.  This genuine client-oriented perspective differentiates us from our competitors and has resulted in substantial financial rewards for our clients.



Liberty’s goal is straightforward.  We work in concert with clients to, first, realistically determine project goals and develop an effective plan,  and then execute that plan to achieve your objectives.  At the foundation of our client-oriented perspective is our substantial experience as entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives, and board members.  We have a firsthand understanding of the types of issues facing our clients, having been in similar situations ourselves, and therefore can readily align ourselves with your interests.  We know from experience that our approach to assignments truly leads to candid dialogue with clients.  This  exchange results in a more thorough determination and comprehensive understanding of your objectives, and, ultimately, in better business decisions and more successful project execution.