We like to emphasize to prospective clients that engaging Liberty will ultimately cost you nothing, because the value we bring to assignments far exceeds our fees.  The Liberty team will demonstrate tangible benefits to you in a number of important ways:


Experienced Intermediary

Liberty can often conduct acquisition, sale, joint venture, and financing transactions more discreetly and efficiently, attracting more and better qualified buyers, sellers, joint venture partners, and funding sources than our clients acting alone as principals.


Objective Assessment and Advice

Liberty contributes an objective, third-party perspective to strategic assignments, complementing the viewpoint and opinion of our clients and their management teams, lawyers, and other professional advisors.  We may not always tell you what you want to hear, but we pride ourselves on offering honest, straightforward advice.  We firmly beleive that this is the best way for our clients to make fully-informed decisions.


Client Orientation

Libertys process begins and ends with you understanding your business, your strategy, and your business objectives.  Although we have significant transaction experience, we also have substantial backgrounds as entrepreneurs and business executives.  As a result, we readily approach assignments from our client's standpoint, having been in similar situations as entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives ourselves.


Negotiating Expertise

The Liberty team is composed of professional negotiators, with substantial experience in skillfully completing acquisition, divestiture, and financing transactions.  We can help you objectively differentiate deal points that truly matter from those that are not as critical.  We focus on these key issues, assisting clients in creatively resolving sticking points and in successfully completing a transaction.


More Alternatives

Through our experience, creativity, market knowledge, relationships, and other resources, Liberty helps our clients expand the pool of viable alternatives.  Having more alternatives translates into higher sales valuations, more qualified acquisition candidates, and lower-cost, more-flexible financings.


Time and Resource Savings

Our projects typically involve hundreds of hours of work.  Liberty can save you time by handling time-consuming transaction details, actively involving you only on productive and strategic matters.  We also allow you to keep your internal management resources focused on running your business and not sidetracked by becoming entangled in the often laborious details of the transaction process.



Liberty takes confidentiality -- whether this involves our client's business plan, strategy, technology, management team, customers, suppliers, or employees -- very seriously.  We will help you maintain strict confidentiality on all projects through the use of appropriate non-disclosure arrangements.  In addition, Liberty acts as a third-party intermediary to maintain the confidentiality of your identity, thereby impeding the disclosure of sensitive transaction information to your competitors, customers, and employees.


Insight and Strategic Vision

The Liberty consultants have been actively involved as advisors or principals in several significant strategic initiatives across a number of telecommunications and information services sectors, including the formation and consolidation of cellular telephone, the consolidation of wireless messaging, the consolidation of wireline telephone, the formation and development of competitive local exchange carriers, the development and consolidation of cable television, the development of cable programming, and the development and consolidation of Internet service providers and web hosting.  This substantial experience is the foundation for Liberty's unique insights and strategic vision for the future of telecommunications and information services.


Relationships and Market Knowledge

Liberty maintains relationships with a wide array of strategic and financial players.  We understand the strategies, capabilities, and requirements of industry participants, private equity groups, mezzanine investors, and lenders.  Our market knowledge, coupled with our thorough understanding of your goals and objectives, helps us to successfully identify qualified buyers, sellers, joint venture partners, and financing sources and to successfully complete transactions.


Professional Resources

Libertys resources extend to a uniquely qualified group of business, technology, legal, tax, and other professional advisors, colleagues, and consultants.  Depending on the specific requirements of a project, these professional resources can be an invaluable source of creative solutions and insights.



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