Libertyís compensation is competitive with leading merger, acquisition, and financing intermediaries and is predominantly success-based.  We are proud of our history of bringing value to clients that far exceeds our charges.  We are pleased to discuss our general compensation arrangements with prospective clients.


Acquisition, sale, business development, and financing assignments

Our fees are generally based on a percentage of total transaction value and are payable upon consummation of a transaction.  When we are called upon to complete specific work product (e.g., an information memorandum for a seller, business plan for a company seeking financing, or an acquisition candidate search for a buyer), we typically also charge an initial retainer.


Strategic advisory and consulting assignments

Depending on the specific nature of the assignment, our fees are usually tied to reaching certain project mileposts or achieving certain desired results.  In some cases, where our services are more consultative in nature, our fees are based on the number of hours required to complete specified deliverables.