Extensive transaction experience

The senior consultants of Liberty have extensive transaction experience working with entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives, and private equity firms in the areas of:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Buyouts 
  • Debt, Equity, and Mezzanine Financings
  • Sales and Divestitures
  • Acquisition Searches

Our capabilities extend from specific transaction expertise. . .

  • Identifying potential buyers, acquisition candidates, and financing sources
  • Managing the due diligence process
  • Negotiating alongside clients with prospective buyers, sellers, investors, and lenders
  • Working with lawyers, accountants, tax specialists, and other professionals to close transactions

. . .to broader, corporate development activities. . .
  • Corporate sale or business unit divestiture assessment
  • Enterprise valuation
  • Buyer evaluation and screening
  • Acquisition candidate search and evaluation
  • Industry and environmental analysis
  • Corporate opportunity development and assessment
  • Capital structure analysis and development
  • Financial partner identification and evaluation
  • Business and/or financial restructuring


. . .to "special situations"

In addition to these transaction-oriented capabilities, Liberty's skills and abilities extend beyond those of a typical intermediary and cover a variety of "special situations," including:

  • Corporate strategy development
  • Business opportunity identification, assessment, and selection
  • Business and marketing plan development
  • Complex valuation analysis and determination
  • Joint venture development, structuring, and negotiation
  • Business development and strategic marketing support
  • Post-acquisition integration strategy and implementation
  • Technology assessment and deployment
  • Patent, copyright, and other intellectual property analysis
  • Challenging negotiations involving succession issues, owner buy-outs, government or regulatory agencies, contract disputes and litigation matters, and intellectual property
  • Change management
  • Senior management team recruitment and evaluation
  • Name, image, and corporate identity development

We know from experience that successful results begin with our obtaining a thorough understanding of our clients’ strategy and objectives, as well as the operational and financial characteristics of the business, and the regulatory, competitive, and capital market environment in which the business operates.  In addition to our broad transaction knowledge, we have substantial experience as business owners, board members, and corporate executives, allowing us to readily assimilate critical business issues and align ourselves with our clients.  Understanding our clients' business perspective is the starting point for every one of Liberty’s assignments and achieving your objectives is our gauge for success.


How Liberty helps. . . 

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